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League Rules

Post by Specs on Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:00 pm

Match Rules:

Each team must have 4 players on a field at all times.

A referee must be present in each league game.

If a team has three players, they are allowed to draft in a 4th player. The result will count as normal, even if that player scores. That player will remain a free agent until signed. You can't draft in more than one player for a match.

Every player must be registered on the forums and have a post in the Player Applications thread.

Games will have 10 min halfs, with extra time added. The amount of extra time allocated is up to the referee. Each game will have two 10 minute halfs.

Team Colours are allowed, but colours must be discernible i.e. one team having a magenta kit and the other one having a pink kit would not be allowed as the colours are too similar.

Captain Rules:

The captain must be present at each match. If a captain cannot be present, then he can elect another member of the team to take charge (be it a co captain or another player). If another player, the admin team must be made aware.

Any kinds of flaming/baiting/trolling from a captain will be looked at and penalties will be awarded.

Captains can cut and sign players as they see fit.

A captain can elect him/herself as a manager. This frees a slot for another player to come in, however if a captain makes himself a manager, then he cannot play.

If a captain makes himself a manager, he must wait 2 game days before he can make himself a captain again.

Player Rules:

Players must be respectful towards his team, the opposition and the referee.

If a player trolls/flaimes/baits then penalties will be awarded to that player.

Players can leave teams at free will.

Referee Rules:

As the referee, it is your job to make sure that the game runs smoothly.

If a referee is accused of being biased towards a team, then the admin team will look at the replay and decide if he was or not. If found to be biased, that referee will be banned from refereeing indefinetly.

If a player starts trolling/baiting/flaming then the referee has the right to give that player a yellow card. If a player gets 2 yellow cards he must be taken off and has to leave the room. That team must then continue with three players until the end of the game. If two players are sent off from the same team, the other team is awarded a default 3-0 victory.

Yellow cards carry on to the next game only. If a player gets yellow cards in two succeeding matches then that player is suspended from the next game.

If a player gets a red card, he is suspended from the next game. If he gets another red card, he is suspended for the rest of the season.


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